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Elite Covers



Producer Covers
Basic Barrel Cover
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The Workhorse of Barrel Covers.   

Our durable canvas zip covers are long lasting, and hard working covers.  If you're looking for a cover that outlasts the rest, this is your answer.   

They are machine washable, hang to dry, however do not wash out as clean as our Elite Stretch Covers do.  

Elite Custom Barrel Wraps

OpenTop Covers

Same great covers as our Elite covers but a whole new world of options.


Crafted just like our Elite Custom Covers, except they don't have a top!  These are great for garbage/recycle covers, mounted shooting, trail courses, extreme cowboy races, jumps or whatever you can imagine.


Included with our Elite Barrel Wraps is your personal design created by our art team.  


Our Most Common Question

Why are these covers so popular?  We're glad you asked!

It Could Be...

  • Printing that infuses the ink into the fabric core so it never fades

  • High resolution design allows the little details to matter

  • Fabric specifically formulated to provide the right stretch, shine and durability

  • Volunteer and Ground Crew friendly - enough said.

  • Multipurpose - fitting over small patio tables, garbage cans, and other shapes means you can use them almost anywhere you want

  • Machine washable because they are in an arena and bound to get dirty

  • Amazing design team that doesn't quit until you're happy

We would love to answer any other questions you have via email:   or phone:  (580) 579-0080

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